More than a decentralized
nft marketplace

Create, buy and sell exclusive NFTs and earn rewards.


What is More NFT

Current NFT platforms allow for the creation of NFTs for any user, but do not always guarantee (provide) the correct (adequate) visibility for artists or creators.

The More NFT platform was created to emphasize the value and talent of creators who want to improve their profile. More NFT created a link between the world of social media and the world of the non- fungible token, in order to provide a user friendly service available community wide.

Artists and creators will be given not only the opportunity to create their own digital works of art, they will, in addition to creating their own NFT, receive support and assistance in advancing their individual Personal Branding.


Hall of fame

Digital works celebrating the careers of international Icons, in collaboration with MoreNFT artists.


Illustrations, 3D Models, Images, Videos and Audio Files from our creators.


This section will feature NFTs related to exclusive events and happenings.


It will be possible to buy tickets for events both online and offline without the need for intermediaries.


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